Smart Transportation Division Illinois Legislative Board

When union members think of respectable wages and safe & healthy working conditions their thoughts normally gravitate towards the collective bargaining process and the contract they work under. But, while the collective bargaining process will always be sacred, and fought to be protected, far too often the legislative process dictates what benefits, safety protections and retirement security union members enjoy.

SMART-Transportation Division (SMART-TD), the largest rail union in the nation, maintains one of the most respected and active organizations within the Labor movement, and certainly within rail labor. With a Washington, D.C. office headed by the National Legislative Director, SMART-TD is the leader in protecting the interests of their members and rail workers alike and is widely respected for their professionalism and understanding of the rail industry. Assisting the national office, SMART-TD State Legislative Boards throughout the country work on their members behalf to strengthen safety laws and fight back against legislation harmful to rail workers.

Since Illinois is the rail-hub of the nation, SMART-TD legislative & regulatory activity is critical to ensuring the proper protections are in place to protect both passenger and freight members within the state. Illinois is the only state in which all Class I freight railroads operate, along with nearly 50 short line and switching carriers. Illinois is also home to nearly 60 Amtrak trains per day and the Metra commuter rail system, which is the second largest in the nation.

Ensuring that the employees of these diverse railroads receive appropriate and professional representation within state and federal government is the responsibility of the SMART-TD Illinois Legislative Board.