April 4, 2005

CHICAGO (April 4)—Final tweaking of language on House Bill 2449 should place the bill in line for a final vote in the Illinois House of Representatives as early as this Wednesday, according to UTU Illinois Legislative Director Joseph C. Szabo.

Sazbo called on all rail workers to “light-up the switchboard” immediately with quick calls to their state representatives urging them to “Support H.B. 2449.”

“Even if you called earlier, it is time to call again,” Szabo said. All it takes is three little words – ‘Support HB 2449.’ Every member of the House already knows what’s in the bill, so there’s no need for a detailed explanation.”

Szabo said that with bill drafters now completing their final adjustments to the document’s language, H.B. 2449 could be called to the House floor for a vote almost any time between Wednesday and Friday.

“There’s always some uncertainty in the scheduling of legislation, but we do not have the luxury of waiting,” he said. “We have to have our ducks all in a row now, in anticipation that the bill will move as expected.”

Szabo urged members who do not know the name or phone number of their state representative to use the quick and easy on-line locator feature at http://www.elections.state.il.us/dis/pages/SelectOfficialSearch.asp

“All you have to do is enter your address,” he said. “The system will give you the name of your district, the name of your district’s state representative, and the phone number and email address of the district office.”

Szabo said callers should simply tell whoever answers the phone that they live in the district, work for a railroad and are asking the representative to “Support H.B. 2449.”

“Then ask your coworkers – from any craft – to do the same thing,” Szabo said.

“We now have our chance to end railroad managers interfering with the doctor-patient relationship,” Szabo said. “It’s called H.B. 2449, and it could be brought up for a vote on the House floor as early as Wednesday. Make those calls now. Victory will be yours if you ‘light-up the switchboard.”