October 19, 2012

CHICAGO (Oct. 22)—Do you know where you’ll be between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. November 6?

If you’re not absolutely sure, then UTU Illinois Legislative Director Robert W. Guy has some serious advice for you: Vote early.

“Most railroad crew members do not have the luxury of a regular schedule with regular hours and regular days off,” Guy said. “That’s why Early Voting is so important for the people who man the trains. We can vote anytime during the next two weeks. Early Voting is available near your home through Saturday, November 3. Take advantage of it and vote now.”

Guy said voting can be done at any time during normal business hours at most County Clerk offices. Larger cities offer Early Voting at City Hall as well. Check with your local Board of Elections to find out where and when you can vote.

“And be sure to vote for candidates endorsed by the UTU,” Guy said. “You can even print out our endorsement list and bring it with you when you vote.”

Guy explained what kinds of candidates win a UTU endorsement.

“Some are Republicans, some are Democrats and sometimes the union endorses an independent,” he said. “Regardless of party, you can be sure that any candidate endorsed by the UTU has a record of supporting legislation and regulation that protects the safety, health, welfare and dignity of our members and their families.”

A list of UTU-endorsed candidates headed by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden can be found at www.illini.utu.org. For more information on early voting, or to find your early voting location, visit www.longdistancevoter.org, or call (312) 236-5353.